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75秒急速赛车是谁开的:A quarterly report of the fund's move to adjust the position of many small-cap stocks was significantly increased (list)

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内容摘要: This year, there has been a clear shift in the style of the market, with small and medium-sized stocks showing strong performance. Dongshan...

This year, there has been a clear shift in the style of the market, with small and medium-sized stocks showing strong performance. Dongshan, a fund of heavy and medium-sized small and medium-sized stocks, has risen again to lead the market. From the quarterly report of the listed companies that have just been disclosed, some small and medium-sized stocks have begun to receive fund vacancies in the first quarter. Representatives such as Dahao Technology , Tianqi Shares , etc., have a market capitalization of less than RMB 5 billion. Performance has maintained a relatively high or relatively stable growth rate.

Many small-cap stocks were significantly added to positions

According to statistics, as of April 13th, 41 listed companies had announced their first-quarter results reports, and some small and medium-sized stocks had increased their holdings in the first quarter. For example, on April 13th, a total of 13 companies released a quarterly report, of which 6 companies had a free float market value of less than 2 billion yuan (as of April 12th closing). Of these 6 companies, two quarterly reports showed public offerings. Funds, social security funds, etc. institutions increased their holdings of signs, while the other four were not deductible signs.

Take Dahao Technology as an example. On the 13th, the quarterly report released by the company showed that there are 9 institutions in the top ten shareholders of circulation, of which 8 are public funds. Compared with the end of the fourth quarter of last year, five of the eight publicly-funded funds were new, and three were entrenched in the previous quarter. King Shun Four funds of the Great Wall are listed, and Bo Shi and Jiutai have 2 funds each. At present, its market value is only about 800 million yuan.

Specifically, Invesco Great Wall Quant Selection, Invesco Great Wall Hushen 300 are the second and third largest tradable shareholders, holding 2.9 million shares and 222 million shares respectively, representing 5.7% and 4.36 shares outstanding. %, and holding 580,000 shares and 390,000 shares more than in the previous quarter. Bo Shi Yufu CSI 300 held 1.01 million shares, and the proportion of outstanding shares was 1.98%, which was a new shareholder in the first quarter. In addition, the nine-day Tianfu reform power, the quantitative pioneer of Jiutai Jiusheng, and the quantitative small inventor of Invesco Great Wall were also new shareholders in the first quarter. The number of shares held was between 400,000 shares and 550,000 shares, ranking fifth to seventh. Circulating shareholders. In addition, Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited is also listed. At the end of the previous quarter, the number of shares withdrawn from the top ten tradable shareholders was less than 400,000 shares.

Tianqi is also one of the medium and small-cap stocks fund excavated. As of April 12, its market value was less than RMB 3.9 billion. At the end of the first quarter, there were six publicly-listed funds in the top ten shareholders of circulation, of which four were new shareholders and four were open at the end of the previous quarter. Huitianfu Social Responsibility has become the second largest tradable shareholder with a holding of 10.5 million shares, accounting for 3.87% of the outstanding shares. In addition, funds such as Huitianfu Mobile Internet, E-Fan Kexiang, Huitianfu Environmental Protection, Huitian Fu’s outsourcing growth, and E Funda’s steady growth are also listed.

performance is outstanding in common

In addition, the previously announced quarterly software , South Fuson US and other institutions also gain the favor of the public fund, with its market capitalization of about 2.7 billion yuan, respectively, 2.6 billion yuan. Nanwei Software obtained new purchases from two funds in the first quarter, and BOC Smart Manufacturing bought 3.14 million shares and became the fourth largest circulation shareholder. The proportion of shares held in circulation accounted for 0.6%, while Bo’s Internet theme bought 2.5 million. Shares, the fifth largest circulation shareholder, accounted for 0.48% of the outstanding shares. At the end of the previous quarter, there were no funds in the top ten shareholders of tradable shares. In the first quarter, Fusenmei was also acquired by Huatai Bairui to quantify the first purchase and became the sixth largest circulation shareholder. CITIC Securities Self-operated shares also bought 1.37 million shares and became the 5th largest circulation shareholder. In addition, 7_89456_49_65_473_9

In addition, West Pump Co., Ltd. According to a quarterly report, among the top ten publicly-quoted funds among the top ten circulating shareholders, Yinhua FusionExcel’s theme has added 1.39 million shares, while Harvest Drive and Huatai Bairui quantified the prior move to lighten up 2.72 million shares respectively. And 450,000 shares. In addition, China Life Insurance 's insurance The product was added to 3,111,000 shares, indicating that it is still one of the objects of the Nuggets.

Overall, these small and medium-sized stocks, which are favored by institutions, have relatively good performance. For example, Dahao Technology's 2017 net profit increased by more than 66% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, its net profit increased by 72.84% year-on-year, and its net profit was 97,464,400 yuan. In addition to the organization's holdings, from July 2017 to April 10, 2018, the controlling shareholder of the company held a light holding through the trading system of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to focus on bidding, totaling 880,000 shares, accounting for 0.19 of the total share capital. %, the average transaction price was 25.16 yuan. As of April 12, its stock price closed at around 31 yuan.

Nanwei Software's net profit growth in the first quarter of 2017 and 2018 also reached around 100% and 109%, respectively. West Pump's net profit growth in 2017 and the first quarter of this year were 124% and 45%, respectively. Although Foxconn’s performance growth rate is not high, it has maintained a relatively stable growth level. In 2016 and 2017, its net profit increased by approximately 23% and 17%, and its net profit growth in the first quarter of this year was 12%.





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